Macaroni and Cheese Day is July 14: A Fun (but Cheesy) Origin Story

June 30, 2019 — Although Americans love macaroni-and-cheese, it might have been an Italian creation dating to the late 13th century. The first Italian recipe called for fermented dough cut in two-inch squares, cooked and tossed with grated cheese – likely Parmesan. Thomas Jefferson brought a similar recipe to his home in Virginia after traveling to France and Italy... Read More

Special Events

June 30, 2019 — We will have Don performing in the main dining room on July 10th and 24th, come on by and enjoy the fun. We can’t wait to celebrate July 4th with a watermelon social in the Activity Room. We will host Chef Selection on June 18th. We invite family and visitors to join by purchasing a... Read More

Safeguard Your Skin

June 2, 2019 — The harshness of summer can take its toll on our skin’s condition. Use these simple tips to safeguard your skin on the inside and outside of your body. Inside: Drink water steadily throughout the day. In hot weather, you’ll need more water as your body will use additional water to regulate your body temperature. If... Read More

June is National Brain Health Month

June 2, 2019 — As our body ages, so does our brain. By taking care of your brain, you may be able to decrease your chances of developing dementia-related diseases. Many over-the-counter supplements are fortified with zinc, magnesium, folic acid (a type of B vitamin) and other essential nutrients for the brain. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants which can... Read More

Short-Term Therapy Success Testimonials

June 2, 2019 — Soila admitted from Medical City North Hills Hospital very lethargic and weak due to an infection. Upon admission, she was unresponsive and requiring total assistance. With her determination, our therapy team and nursing staff, she can walk 50 feet with a rolling walker and can independently transfer herself. Soila and her family made the decision... Read More

Men’s Health Month

June 2, 2019 — Some men may experience prostate problems as they age, so it’s important to maximize the life of the prostate gland. Some symptoms indicate there may be a bigger problem and shouldn’t be ignored. Common Symptoms: Problems urinating: too often, unable to, weak, or interrupted flow, pain or burning while urinating. Blood in urine. Pain or... Read More

Letter from the Department Head

June 2, 2019 — We would like to thank everyone for showering our staff and residents for nurse’s week and nursing home week with food and fun! Please remember as the summer season is upon us, our senior population can become dehydrated rapidly. Be mindful of having adequate fluid intake and limited sun time exposure. As you are visiting,... Read More

June 10 is Iced Tea Day

June 2, 2019 — There is nothing like a cold drink on a hot day. For about 2 billion people, iced tea is their drink of choice. Tea is a very versatile drink, being able to be served hot and cold. It’s also healthy for you as well! Tea is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants rid your body of harmful... Read More

May is National Blood Pressure Awareness Month

May 5, 2019 — Blood pressure can damage the heart, kidney, and brain without showing obvious symptoms. To combat its effects, it is important to know what your healthy blood pressure goal should be. What can you do to reduce blood pressure? Exercise. Exercise such as walking, lifting light weights, and simple workouts may reduce blood pressure. Lose weight.... Read More

May 26th: National Heat Awareness

May 5, 2019 — National Heat Awareness Day is May 26, 2019. The National Weather Services advises citizen to never leave children, pets, or disabled persons in a car for any length of time. Sunlight can pass through a windshield but gets trapped inside the car. Even in winter, heat can get trapped inside a car. During your Memorial... Read More